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All in One Business Management


Bizantra is the complete startup & small business management system. In one app you have all the essential management tools to run your business successfully. From Instant Team Working & Sharing to Finance Management, Contact Management to Employee Records & Order Management. Bizantra does it all - online & offline, simply, securely & affordably. Because good management drives success.

Small Company Simplicity - Big Company Power

Small businesses move fast without bureaucracy. Simple beats complicated. You want to get on with managing your business with less admin work & everything you need always up to date & at your fingertips. Bizantra gives you big company management power but without the unnecessary complexities.

Instant Team Working

Across the office, town or world, Bizantra is turn on & go team connecting & working. Securely & selectively share documents & project tasks, enable remote working for your team including controlled access to finance, customer & employee records. Invite your team, customers & other business partners to professional workspaces with 24/7 document & information access in as many Bizantra Shared Spaces as you want.

Work Anywhere

Bizantra is an app & cloud system with synchronised information on your PC or Mac, & cloud web access when you don't have your PC. Complete management information & document library copies on your PC give true anywhere working, even when offline, & with background synchronisation you don't get slowed down by slow internet.

Backed Up & Secure

Your information in Bizantra is encrypted to secure it on your PCs & our central servers. Everything is continuously backed up so if you lose or replace your PC just reconnect & automatically resynchronise. Security of business information is built in, with invitation only access to each Shared Space & sensitive company information. You're always in control of who sees what & you can have a separate Shared Space for each customer or project. There's even Secure Messaging for conversations that can't go via the public email system.

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